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The desire to build something inherent in us from childhood. Everyone at the tender age were pyramids and cubes, which developed first in simple turrets, and then in the whole houses, when the popular Lego and a variety of other games related to the design and construction. The very process of creation is close to human nature, so on our planet, so many beautiful architectural monuments and structures. The buildings are built on a century to descendants could admire them and enjoy their beauty. Perhaps that is why the game is to build a home of one of the most popular categories among other games. Children play with them to develop the ability of an economic strategy that will benefit an adult, and adults to realize an old dream and build a utopian city, where everything is perfect and everyone is happy. You'll build villages, cozy villages, towns, and have the rare opportunity to create or restore entire empire with a complex infrastructure. Your mini-state must be equipped in such a way that the people in their life was satisfying and comfortable. To do this, you need to develop craft, to ensure smooth production of food, water and minerals. If all the residents will be happy, you will glorify and erect in your honor sculptures and monuments. Do not forget about education. You do not want to populate your ideal empire barbarians. Build schools and universities. Let's allow your citizens to rest, and this requires building amusement character: theaters, museums, circus, amusement parks. Where there will be every building will solve only you, as the chief architect and builder. Decorate your settlement and empire gardens and fountains, it's not live by bread alone your citizens. Protect the quality of the road so you can drive freely in any place, to deliver food and other goods. Trade with other cities and states, exchange of goods, and for this you will need markets. Get access to the sea by building a comfortable berths, and you will have new exotic goods imported from overseas countries. Playing the game to build the city, you will learn how to be the master of the big easy settlement. It is necessary to take into account all the wishes of the citizens. If they are dissatisfied with their lives, they may even have to leave your city and leave, you can not let that happen. It will be very interesting to see how growing and developing city that you built yourself.

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