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Playing on the name of the Field of Miracles has been known to us since the nineties. It was at that time our people were shocked by this unique opportunity to earn money in a simple way. The main thing to have a little knowledge on the level of the school program and a desire to take the risk. In a fairly quick time such a simple and unremarkable game has become so popular we have that has managed to break all records of popularity of other TV programs. Her unfailing TV host Leonid Yakubovich became generally popular favorite in our country . Players showed their love in the gifts that were given at the time of the transfer. And these gifts had accumulated so much that the creators of the program had to open a museum of gifts. A simple studio, leading to a tuxedo , long-legged girl with a radiant smile that issued the studio prizes all this and more is very much like ordinary people that watched the game on TV as a family , even more than the news. Although this transmission and today is on the main channel of Russian television , but her audience of fans is too small compared to past periods of excitement . This confirms that this transfer was the time and place of the star . This is the time and remained in the era of the nineties. Many people remember this TV show , and today it can be easy to remember as online games . Games Field of Miracles still attract the attention of many people. Exactly the same story, graphics similar to a real studio and all of the same black cells , behind which lurk letters unraveling the word. Developers tried not to overload the brain is highly complex tasks players and guessing words. Most of all they were trying to convey the atmosphere of the game in the studio , which was displayed in the earliest editions of TV shows . The toy of this kind are very much attracted people because it allows us to plunge into a time when viewing this TV on Friday has already become a tradition almost any family. Of course, today there are analogues of popularity and is not seen on television, but remember the old days still possible. It is such a unique opportunity to provide computer and Internet masterpieces of game makers . Such a toy is very easy to start using your favorite browser without any additional installations confusing to many players applications. And all the options online games of the Field of Miracles is absolutely free . Such a simple little game is easy you will not only return to the past, but will also give an opportunity to relax and get away from the problems at work.

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Flash games wonderland online

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